New Year | New You | New Aesthetics

Live well & Happy New Year
— Dr. Prokupek

If you’re like me, maybe you made New Year's resolutions.  Typically, people make goals to lose weight, stop smoking or earn more money. But I ask that everyone please consider adding healthy living to the list, and not by just promising to work out or eat better. Our blog has a handy annual healthcare checklist to get you started for 2015.

Speaking of our website, our office has three main goals for 2015. 1) Stay up on technology. We just launched a new website and blog to start the new year fresh and up-to-date. 2) Stream-line our communication with patients. You can now use our electronic medical record (see HEALOW app below) to message us directly, request refills and also make appointments. And 3) Continue the expansion of our cosmetic division. In response to many requests from our patients, we continue to broaden our cosmetic offerings. By partnering with Lumenis and Allergan we are able to provide you with state-of-the-art and expertly executed Botox, fillers and aesthetic lasers. Let us help you look as good as you feel and have it all, beautifully. 

Lastly, as January comes to an end, the novelty of resolutions usually wears off. Ever wonder why our goals seem to fade so quickly?  Check out this informative blog post that I believe will answer your questions.