Blue Shield sent this to all their insured. I thought it was great and wanted to share with you.
— Dr. Dale

When your head hits the pillow, your body gets the break it needs to prepare for the next day. We often take a good night’s sleep for granted, but not getting enough sleep can cause problems from a greater risk of heart disease to a lowered immune system. Armed with the latest information about sleep, you can help your entire household live healthier lives!

Sleep and your health »
Learn how your body can react to a lack of sleep, and what you can do to help yourself fall asleep.

How Sleep Affects Your Health (video) »
Watch this quick video for great advice on creating a healthy sleep routine.

Sleep and your body clock »
When your body’s biological clock is thrown off by jet lag, illness or changing work shifts, find out what you can do to get back on track and for a good night’s sleep.

Helping your children and yourself sleep well »
With these smart tips, you can help your children get the sleep they need and avoid learning and development issues.