Why It’s Important to Choose a Primary Care Provider

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In the not-too-recent past, it was common for patients to develop close relationships with their physicians, often seeing the same doctor for decades.  But as healthcare has changed and people have become busier, many patients are now neglecting to choose a primary care provider (PCP). Often, these are younger patients who generally consider themselves to be healthy, and thus may not see the need for a PCP.   

In reality, developing a trusted, ongoing relationship with a personal physician is important for everyone, regardless of age or health status.  When a provider knows you well, they’ll be better equipped to offer medical care that meets your individual needs. In fact, multiple studies have shown that patients who have a PCP experience better health overall.  Choosing a PCP can also offer some specific health benefits, including:

Higher patient satisfaction:  People who have a PCP tend to be happier with their healthcare.  When you work with a doctor who knows you well, communication is easier and you don’t need to repeat your health history at every visit.  He or she is also able to make better referrals when you need to see a specialist, and stress levels are decreased because you don’t need to search for a new doctor every time you need one.

Lower healthcare costs: People who have a PCP save money.  Insurance co-pays for PCP visits tend to be significantly cheaper compared to those for specialists or urgent/emergency care.  Additionally, people who have a PCP tend to experience fewer health conditions that can lead to costly hospital visits.

Better long-term health: People who have a PCP tend to be healthier in the long-run.   When you see your doctor on a regular basis, we can often identify problems early on, before they become major health issues.  We can also work together to manage chronic conditions and prevent long-term complications.

As a PCP, my goal is to serve as your “home base” for all things health-related.  This includes preventative services such as check-ups and immunizations, medical care for acute illnesses or injuries, management of chronic conditions, and appropriate referrals in the event that you need to see a specialist.  I can also assist with things like explaining test results and helping you navigate the (sometimes confusing) healthcare system.

Along with my two nurse practitioners, Emily and Jeanne, I offer a full-range of primary care services in my Beverly Hills office.  You can schedule an appointment online below, or by calling 310-360-6807. We look forward to getting to know you and serving as your healthcare home base.