Headaches?! Read this.

Love today's article from the Huffington Post.   I have many patients who have headaches issues.  One huge trigger for headaches is gluten/celiac symptoms.  Come stop by the office for a celiac check-up, or to be referred to our favorite food allergy/sensitivity clinics. I got you.

-- Dr. Dale


Experts agree that knowing your triggers is one of the best ways to avoid the searing or pounding pain of a headache.

Triggers can be diet-related, and chronic headache sufferers often learn which eats and drinks are best for them to avoid. But if certain foods are off limits, are there also foods that help?

The evidence is less convincing, but there are a few potential pain-savers. The six foods below probably won't make a headache disappear completely, but they do seem to have preventive powers.