IPL Laser Therapy, and then some.

Hi friends, hope you're having a great summer. Though time may rob you of your youthfulness and charm, modern technologies have their own ways to pull back the time and restore the looks that you once had. Various cosmetic procedures have been introduced to the market these days. All of them have the promise to make you beautiful and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Therapy is just one of them.

What It Can Do For You

This equipment employs a broad spectrum light designed to get rid of unwanted wavelengths on your skin thereby addressing various skin conditions at the same time. This is applied to the skin through an articulated arm. As it travels through your skin’s surface, it hits the bulb or shaft of your hair. The heat energy emitting from IPL will eradicate hair producing papilla. And since the bulb has the highest melanin concentration, IPL allows you to have a smooth and fair skin. Intense Pulse Light Therapy addresses various types of skin problems. Among these are skin redness, age spots, liver spots, wrinkles/fine lines, broken capillaries, facial flushing, telanggiectasis, freckles, tattoos and varicose veins. Furthermore, it remedies port wine stains, minor sun damage, flat birthmark, hypopigmentation, large pores and unwanted hair.


IPL’s no downtime benefit draws a lot of people to choose this procedure. This means you can go back to work right away after your IPL therapy. And unlike other forms of dermal procedure, it leaves no burns or blisters on your skin. With this type of cosmetic procedure, you can expect your skin to look younger and fairer than it usually does.

Other Alternatives

When it comes to skin care, you need to know that you are not just limited in your option to IPL alone. There are other alternatives that you can use. Among these are as follows:


It gets rid of facial lines through injectibles.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (Testosterone)

Sometimes, your skin problem can be related to your depleted Testosterone levels. This is especially true to those who are candidates for menopause and those who have ceased to have their monthly period. HRT is touted to resolve problems on loss of skin elasticity, decreased collagen and wrinkles. And because this enhances the skin’s ability to hold water, it alleviates dryness of skin as well.

Dermal Fillers

By employing artificial fillers, one can enjoy a rejuvenated look. Unlike face lifts, this comes up with a more natural look. It resolves issues on volume loss of tissues and scar depression. It also improves appearance of lips.